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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Twin Falls College 1st Ward Video

For Family Home Evening March 29th, the Twin Falls College 1st Ward decided to make a video to participate in the Institute Grammy Night coming up on April 16th. I offered to edit the video. Here is the result. The ideas and acting were mostly off the cuff.

Some tasks/challenges I had to do/overcome for this video were:
1. Get the background song.
2. Record/capture the video.
3. Organize the video into shorter clips to be more easily accessible.
4. Make titles for beginning.
5. Sync music to video.
6. Get images from the internet (Facebook and Google Image Search) and edit them into the video (as seen).
7. Put some clips in reverse for a fun effect.
8. Work with multiple shots.
9. Encode the video into several formats for uploading to the internet, burning to a DVD, and copying to my iPod.

If you feel like you could use any of these services, please let me know:

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