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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Services provided by KD Productions

(updated 26 April 2010)

Here is a list and description of some of the services KD Productions can offer. Just about anything to do with multimedia can be done. Currently, I reside in Twin Falls, Idaho. I will be moving down to Provo, Utah starting April 26th. Though some of these services require me to get things from you (like CDs, or photos), many things we can work through the internet or through the US Postal Service. Contact me with any questions. (For information about the pricing of these services, visit this post).

Archival of Projects:
As part of my service for you, I can also provide archives of your project to provide an additional backup of the data or media I produce for you.

VHS to DVD/Hard Drive transfer
VHS tapes are consistently losing quality, even if you don't play them. In fact, they usually don't last more than about 10 - 15 years. On the other hand, digital media never looses quality. It will be the same from the time that it's created to the time you're showing your old video of your embarrassed son when he was a baby playing in a bathtub to his laughing children!
There are many other reasons for transferring VHS to DVD/Hard Drive. Ease of access, saving a LOT of space, and avoiding quality degrade or complete loss of memories are just a few of these reasons.

Just imagine, changing this collection:
To this collection:

CD Importing:
In the world, we're transitioning our media from CDs to iPods and mp3 players. These prove to be easier, incredibly smaller, and better for organizing and accessing your music more quickly and in more places. Many people have hundreds of CDs they don't really want to buy again online, but also don't have time to import to the computer. I can take your CDs, import them at my home, and return the CDs and data files so you can make the transition with minimal use of personal time. I am also happy to set up your iPod or mp3 player for you and teach you how to use them.

DVD Importing:
The Problem: Hundreds of DVDs. Why is this a problem?
  • Storage - Takes up valuable space in the entertainment center.
  • Organizing - "Do I REALLY have to organize these alphabetically so I can find them later?" "Did the kids REALLY not put the DVDs back when they were done?" "I KNOW I saw this DVD just yesterday, where did it go?"
  • Playing - You have to find the DVD, and go through a process before you can even play it.
Wouldn't it just be easier to have all of these problems gone. It is quite simple to solve this problem. Using a variety of software I can help you make the transition from physical DVDs to data stored on a computer or external hard drive for your entertainment system. I can connect your computer to your entertainment center as well so you can not only play all of your favorite movies on the TV with the click of a button, but your favorite music, You Tube Videos, and much more! And say goodbye to those old problems. You'll suddenly have a lot more room in your entertainment center! Let me put this in perspective for you...

(this is a picture of about 200 DVDs, and that little thing can hold a WHOLE lot more than that!)

Family Photo Music Slideshows:
Everyone loves going on vacations, and with digital cameras, it's a lot easier to be camera happy. With hundreds of photos from different family vacations, sometimes it can be daunting to even look at those memories. My Family Photo Music Slideshow service allows for an opportunity to organize your photos into a Slideshow viewable on the computer or in DVD format so you and your family can sit down together and enjoy your family photos in video form with your favorite music background.
You have printed pictures that aren't on the computer? Not a problem, I know a good place that can handle those with high quality and at a very reasonable price. Media deteriorates over time, but digital media never deteriorates. It will look the same for you now as it will for your grandkids in 50 years. Nobody wants those memories to deteriorate. Take the initiative now and preserve those memories before grandma's old pictures fade away totally.
An example from pictures from my 2 year mission.

Video and Audio Editing:
I have a lot of experience recording and editing video. I do not have very good recording equipment for either Video or Audio, but I have experience and editing software. Some examples of things I have done is editing music for Singing and Clogging Performances. DVD videos for plays, weddings, and family home videos. For some of the videos I have uploaded onto YouTube click here. (Most of these videos were mostly just for fun).
Here is an overview of many of the videos that I have done in the past:

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Kent Dodds

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This is the official KD Productions Blog. I provide a number of multimedia services. On here, I will post the projects that I am working on. I hope to build this up to enough freelance projects to help support me through college. For information about my services, look at my Facebook page, or this post. If you have questions or would like to hire me for a project, e-mail me at:
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